FASE by International Country

The FASE designation recognizes dedicated ASE members with proven professional contributions, diverse sets of skills, and knowledge of all aspects of cardiovascular ultrasound. Listed below are the highly certified practitioners who have achieved this title. The glossary allows you to search this outstanding group of cardiovascular ultrasound professionals by international country.  Learn more about the FASE designation at ASEcho.org/FASE.

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Hong Kong
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

Juan Pablo Albisu, MD, FASE – San Luis, Argentina
Tomas Cianciulli, MD, FASE – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mariano Luis Falconi, MD, FASE – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Martin Ibarrola, MD, FASE – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jorge Lowenstein, MD, FASE – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maria Laura Plastino, MD, FASE – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aldo Prado, MD, FASE – Yerba Buena-Tucuman, Argentina
Omar Prieto, MD, FASE – Monte Grande, Argentina
Ricardo Ronderos, MD, PhD, FASE – La Plata, Argentina

Bonita Anderson, MApplSc, DMU, AMS, FASE, ACS – Brisbane OLD, Australia
Con Arronis, MD, FASE – Sydney NSW, Australia
Roland Bigg, MBBS, FASE – Picton NSW, Australia
Lindsay Bridgford, MD, FASE – Melbourne, Australia
Darryl J. Burstow, MBBS, FASE – Brisbane, OLD, Australia
Adrian Chong, MBBS, FASE – Brisbane QLD, Australia
David John Clancy, MD, FASE – Sydney, Australia
DFJ Connor, MBBS, FASE – Hallidays Point NSW, Australia
John Cotroneo, MBBS, FASE – Melbourne VIC, Australia
Natalie Edwards, ACS, AMS, FASE – Chemside, OLD, Australia
Geoffrey Evans, MD, FASE – Launceston Tasmania, Australia
Tony Wayne Forshaw, FASE – Brisbane, Australia
Brian Haluska, PhD, MSc (hons), MSc, RDCS, AMS, FASE – Clayfield QLD, Australia
Carly Faye Jenkins Hughes, PhD, FASE – Meadowbrook, Australia
Julie Humphries, MBBS, FASE – Brisbane QLD, Australia
Subodh Joshi, MBBS, FRACP, MPH, FASE – Fitzroy VIC, Australia
Dale King, FASE  – Cundletown NSW, Australia
Jamahal Maeng Ho Luxford, MD, FASE – Melbourne, Australia
Kate Amanda Marriott, FASE – Brisbane, Australia
Kazuaki Negishi, MD, FASE – Montagu Bay TAS, Australia
Selvanayagam Niranjan, MD, FASE – Benowa Waters QLD, Australia
Kris Ashley Nowakowski, MBBS, FRACP, FCSANZ, FASE – Kambah, Australia
Sam Orde, MBBS, FASE – Glenbrook NSW, Australia
Rebecca Perry, PhD, FASE – Bedford Park, SA, Australia
Robert Phillips, FASE – Sydney NSW, Australia
David Platts, MBBS,  FASE – Brisbane QLD, Australia
David Prior, MBBS, PhD, FASE – Caufield North VIC, Australia
Bernhard Riedel, MD, PhD, MBA, FASE – Melbourne VIC, Australia
Gregory Scalia, MBBS, FASE – Auchenflower QLD, Australia
John Sedgwick, MBBS, FASE – Brisbane, Australia
Karen Scholz, BAPPSci, Grad Dip(Cardiac Ultrasound), FASE – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Paula Jane Boucaut, FASE – Forestdale, QLD, Australia
Timothy C. Tan, MBBS, BSc (Hon 1), PhD, FASE – Sydney, Australia
Michael Veltman, MBBS, FASE – Joondalup WA, Australia
Alison White, BSC, MSC, DMU, FASE – Brisbane, OLD, Australia
Milena Marie Wilke, MD, FASE – Nedlands, WA, Australia

Gerald Maurer, MD, FASE – Vienna, Austria
Hans Joachim Nesser, MD, FASE – Linz, Austria

AKM Monwarul Islam, MD, FASE – Dhaka, Bangladesh
Toufiqur Rahman, MD, FASE – Dhaka, Bangladesh
Abdullah Al Shafi Majumder, MBBS, D Card, MD, FCPS, FACC, FRCP, FESC, FSCAI, FCSI, FASE – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Stefaan Bouchez, MD, FASE – Ghent, Belgium
Adriana Pavelescu, MD, FASE – Brussels, Belgium

Marcia Barbosa, MD, FASE – Nova Lima, Brazil
Mauricio Daher, MD, PhD, FASE – Asa Sul, Brazil
Paulo Dourado, MD, FASE – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Marcio Epifanio, MD, FASE – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jose Maria Fernandes, MD, FASE – Arapiraca-AL, Brazil
Carlos Galhardo, Jr., MD, FASE – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Chiara Scaglioni Tessmer Gatto, MD, FASE – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pedro Graziosi, MD, PhD, FASE – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Carlos Lima, MD, FASE – Campinas, Brazil
Eric Benedet Lineburger, MD, PhD, FASE – Santa Catarina, Brazil
Laura Maria Mattos Lourenco, MD, FASE – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wilson Mathias Jr., Jr, MD, PhD, FASE – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Marcelo Miglioranza, PhD, MD, FASE – Rio Grande, Brazil
Samira Morhy, MD, FASE – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Fabio Papa, MD, FASE – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Arnaldo Rabischoffsky, MD, FASE – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Ayman Aboguddah, MD, FASE – Regina SK, Canada
Vineeta Ahooja, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Kathryn Ascah, MD, FASE – Ottawa ON, Canada
Shane Balthazaar, BSc.kin (Hons), FASE, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Philippe Beaudry, MD, FASE – Burlington ON, Canada
Francois Beique, MD, FASE – Montreal, QC, Canada
Kapil Bhagirath, MD, FASE – White Rock BC, Canada
Michael Blakeley, RDCS, FASE – Ottawa ON, Canada
Ashwani Choudhry, MD, FASE – Mississauga ON, Canada
Chi-Ming Chow, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Jonathan Choy, MD, FASE – Edmonton AL, Canada
Jorge Cruz, RDCS, MD, FASE – Etobicoke ON, Canada
Bibiana Cujec, MD, FASE – Edmonton AL, Canada
Lorretta Daniel, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Franca Dartnall, RDCS, FASE – Stoney Creek ON, Canada
Sabe De, MD, FASE – Bedford NS, Canada
Andre Denault, MD, FASE – Longueuil QC, Canada
Georges Desjardins, MD, FASE – Montreal QC, Canada
Hisham Dokainish, MD, FASE – Hamilton ON, Canada
Andreea Dragulescu, MD, PhD, FASE – Toronto, ON, Canada
Jean Dumesnil, MD, FASE – St. Augustin-de-Desmaures QC, Canada
Jeremy Edwards, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Hassan El-Hajj, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Ashraf Fayad, MD, FASE – Ottawa ON, Canada
Nowell Fine, MD, MS, FASE – Rural Rockyview AB, Canada
Sarah Fleming, RDCS, RDMS, FASE – Coquitlam BC, Canada
Michael Bernard Foth, CRCS, RCS, RDCS, FASE – Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Mark Friedberg, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Javier Ganame, MD, PhD, FASE – Hamilton ON, Canada
Sumeet Gandhi, MD, FRCPC, FACC, FASE – Toronto, ON, Canada
James Graba, BSc, RDCS, FASE – Niagara on the Lake ON, Canada
Jasmine Grewal, MD, FASE – West Vancouver BC, Canada
Hilary Grocott, MD, FASE – Winnipeg MB, Canada
Charmaine Groom, RDMS, RDCS, FASE – Cobble Hill BC, Canada
Lisa K. Hornberger, MD, FASE – Edmonton, AB, Canada
Robert Howard, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Stuart Hutchison, MD, FASE – Calgary AB, Canada
Ivan Iglesias, MD, FASE – London ON, Canada
Sean Jedrzkiewicz, MD, FASE – Toronto, ON, Canada
Amer Johri, MD, FASE – Bath ON, Canada
Cam Joyner, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
John Jue, MD, FASE – Vancouver BC, Canada
Trevor Lee, MD, FASE – Winnipeg MB, Canada
Howard Leong-Poi, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Kevin Levitt, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Giri Logsetty, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Francois Marcotte, MD, FASE – Montreal QC, Canada
Massimiliano Meineri, MD, FASE – Toronto, ON, Canada
Karim Merali, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Luc Mertens, MD, PhD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Azam Mohammadi, MD, FASE – West Vancouver BC, Canada
Dakshina Murthy, MD, FASE – Regina SK, Canada
Rajgopaul Naidu, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Gillian Nesbitt, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Pablo Perez d’Empaire, MD, FRCPC, FCCM, FASE – Toronto, ON, Canada
Philippe Pibarot, DVM, PhD, FASE – Quebec ON, Canada
Maxime Pichette, MD, MSc, FASE – Montreal, QC, Canada
Sanaz Piran, MD, FASE – Oakville ON, Canada
Harry Rakowski, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Sherryn Rambihar, MD, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Marcos Restrepo, MD, FRCPC, MSc, FASE – Toronto, ON, Canada
Lawrence Rudski, MD, FASE – Cote St Luc QC, Canada
Nazmi Said, B.Sc, RCTA, RDCS, FASE – Calgary AB, Canada
Igal A. Sebag, MD, FASE – Montreal QC, Canada
Surita Sidhu, MD, FASE – Edmonton, AB, Canada
Demetrios Sirounis, Bsc, MD, FASE – Vancouver BC, Canada
Samuel Siu, MD, FASE – London ON, Canada
Hesham Talab, MD, FRCPC, FASE – Ontario, Canada
Wadea Tarhuni, MD (Hon.) Cardiologist, FASE – Windsor ON, Canada
Paaladinesh Thavendiranathan, MD, MSc, FASE – Toronto ON, Canada
Frank Tiller, Jr.,RT(R),RDCS,FASE – Nanaimo BC, Canada
Teresa Tsang, MD, FASE – North Vancouver BC, Canada
Guillermo Uriarte, RDCS, RCS, RN, FASE – Windsor ON, Canada
Annette Vegas, MD, FASE – Mississauga ON, Canada
Patricia Walley, RDCS, FASE – N. Vancouver BC, Canada
Douglas Wright, MD, FASE – Hamilton, ON, Canada
Nayer Youssef, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FASE – Oakville, ON, Canada

Xin-Fang Wang, MD, FASE – Wuhan, China
Juefei Wu, MD, PhD, FASE – Guangdong, China
Mingxing Xie, MD, PhD, FASE – Wuhan, China
Gabriel Yip, MD, FASE – Hong Kong, China
Li Zhang, MD, PhD, FASE – Wuhan, China
Yun Zhang, MD, PhD, FASE – Shandong, China
Tiangang Zhu, MD, FASE – Beijing, China


Hani Mohamed Mahmoud, MBBCh, MSc, FASE – Aswan, Egypt
Sherif Moustafa, MBBCh, MRCP, FASE – Cairo, Egypt
Sahar Sheta, MD, FASE – Cario, Egypt

Raimund Erbel, MD, FASE – Essen, Germany
Mohamed Felo, MD, FASE – Bavaria, Germany
Nima Hatam, MD, FASE – Aachen, Germany
Kai Laser, MD, FASE – North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany
Marc Maybauer, MD, PhD, EDIC, FASE – Hessen, Germany
Chirojit Mukherjee, MD, FASE – Baden-Wutternburg, Germany


Dimitrios Maragiannis, MD, FASE – Attiki, Greece

Hong Kong
Chin Pang Chan, MBChB, FASE – Hong Kong
Gordon Choi, MD, FASE – Hong Kong
Chi Ming Tam, MBBS,FASE – Hong Kong
Au Shek Yin, MBBS, FASE – Hong Kong

Attila Kovács, MD,PhD, FASE – Budapest, Hungary

Vinayak Agrawal, MD, DNB, FASE – New Delhi, India
Vivekanandan Amuthan, MD, FASE – Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Rajesh Chand Arya, DNB(Anaesthesiology), FASE – Punjab, India
Kanwar Aditya Baloria, MBBS, MD, FASE – Haryana, India
Saikat Bandyopadhyay, MD, FASE – Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Manish Bansal, MD, FASE – Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Nitin Burkule, MD, DM, FASE – Thane Maharashtra, India
Dhanalakshmi Chandrasekaran, RDCS, FASE – Bangalore Karnataka, India
Satish Govind, MD, FASE – Bangalore Karnataka, India
Ajay Kumar Jindal, MD, FASE – Punjab, India
V. Jacob Jose, MD, FASE – Tamil Nadu, India
Balvir Kalra, MD, DM, FASE – Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Atul Karande, MBBS, MD, FASE – Indore, India
Ravi R. Kasliwal, MD, FASE – Haryana, India
Unnikrishnan Koniparambil Pappu, MBBS, MD, FASE – Trivandrum, India
Arupratan Maiti, MBBS, MD, FASE – Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Divya Malhotra, MD, FASE – New Delhi, India
Simmi Manocha, MD, FASE – Faridabad, India
Jagdish Mohan, MD, DM, FASE – New Delhi, India
Kanchi Muralidhar, MBBS, MD, MBA, FASE – Balgalore, India
Ashok Omar, MD, FASE – New Delhi, India
Shantanu Sengupta, MD, FASE – Nagpur, MAH, India
Rajesh Shah, MD, FASE – Maharashtra, India
Naman Shastri, MBBS, MD, FASE – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Amuthan Vivekanandan, MD, FASE – Madurai, India

Saskia Handari, MD, FASE – Surabaya, Indonesia
Rudy Anwar Taruli, MD, FASE – Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Ida Bagus Rangga Wibhuti, MD, FASE – Bali, Indonesia

Azin Alizadehasl, MD, FASE – Tehran, Iran
Maryam Esmaeilzadeh, MD, FASE – Tehran, Iran
Afsoon Fazlinezhad, MD, FASE – Mashad Khorasan, Iran
Mohammad Khani, MD, FASE – Tehran, Iran
Hoorak Poorzand, MD, FASE – Mashhad, Iran
Anita Sadeghpour, MD, FASE – Tehran, Iran
Mehrnoush Toufan Tabrizi, MD, FASE – Tabriz, Iran

David Coleman, MD, FASE – Dublin, Ireland
Maurice Hogan, MB BCh, MSc, MBA, FCARCSI, FASE – Tipperary, Ireland
David Kerins, MD, FASE – Cork, Ireland
Colin McMahon, MB, FASE – Dublin, Ireland
Valerie Stratton, RDCS, FASE – Carlow, Ireland

David Harpaz, MD, FASE – Kiryat-Ono, Israel
Shemy Carasso, MD, FASE – Haifa, Israel

Antonio Auriti, MD, FASE – Rome, Italy
Stefano Caselli, MD, FASE – Rome, Italy
Alessandro Distante, MD, FASE – Pisa, Italy
Sabino Iliceto, MD, FASE – Padua, Italy
Denisa Muraru, MD, PhD, FASE – Padua, Italy
Fabio Sangalli, MD, FASE – Osnago, Italy

Sandra Williams-Phillips MD, FASE – Kingston, West Indies Jamaica

Yukio Abe, MD, PhD, FASE – Osaka, Japan
Shintaro Beppu, MD, FASE – Osaka, Japan
Tetsuya Hirano, MD, PhD, FASE – Izumisano, Japan
Hiroshi Ito, MD, PhD, FASE – Okayama, Japan
Kenya Kusunose, MD, PHD, FASE – Tokushima, Japan
Nobutaka Noto, MD, PhD, FASE – Tokyo, Japan
Masaaki Takeuchi, MD, PhD, FASE – Kitakyushu, Japan
Hidekazu Tanaka, MD, FASE – Kobe, Japan
Chuwa Tei, MD, FASE – Tokyo, Japan
Kiyoshi Yoshida, MD, PhD, FASE – Kurashiki City, Okayama, Japan
Junichi Yoshikawa, MD, FASE – Nishinomiya Hyogo, Japan

Lara El Masri, RCS, FASE – Beirut, Lebanon

Syahidah Tamin, MD, FASE – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pedro Gutierrez-Fajardo, MD, PhD, FASE – Guadalajara JAL, Mexico
Nilda Espinola Zavaleta, MD, PhD, FASE – Mexico City, Mexico

Constantin Marcu, MD, FASE – Amsterdam, Netherlands

New Zealand
Paul Bridgman, MD, FASE – Christchurch, New Zealand
Christina Wei-Hsin Chan, MD, FASE – Christchurch, New Zealand
Sally Greaves, MD, FASE – Auckland, New Zealand
James Pemberton, MD, FASE – Dunedin, New Zealand
Gillian Whalley, PhD, FASE – Auckland, New Zealand

Otto Smiseth, MD, PhD, FASE – Oslo,Norway

Said Al-Maashani, MD, FACC, FASE – Taqah, Oman
Rahul Vijaykumar Shabadi, MBBS, MD, FASE – Muscat, Oman

Manuel Horna, MD, FASE – Miraflores, Peru


Jose Donato A. Magno, MD, FASE  – Manila Philippines
Aristides Panlilio, MD, FASE – Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
Arnold T. Pasia, MD, FASE – Buhangindavao City, Philippines
Edwin S. Tucay, MD, FASE – Rizal, Philippines
John Reynaldo G. Viola, MD, FASE – Cebu City, Philippines

Luis Moura, MD, PhD, FASE – Oporto, Portugal
Fausto Pinto, MD, PhD, FASE – Lisboa, Portugal

Puerto Rico
Halima Colon-Ledee RDCS, RDMS, FASE – San German, Puerto Rico
Angel Lopez-Candales MD, FASE – San Juan, Puerto Rico
Jose Rivera Del Rio MD, FASE – Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Sherif Helmy, MB Bch, MSc, MD, FASE – Doha, Qatar

Bogdan Popescu, MD, PhD, FASE – Bucharest, Romania

Saudi Arabia
Samah Ismael Abohamr, MD, M.Sc., MBBch, FASE – King Saud Medical City, Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Abu-Sulaiman, MD, FASE – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Osama Ahmed Khalil, MD, FASE – Hofof, Saudi Arabia
Mirvat Alasnag, MD, FASE – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Ahmed Hamad Aljizeeri, MD, FASE – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Mouaz Al-Mallah, MD, MS, FASE – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sami Ghazal, MD, FASE – Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Abdelrahman Jamiel, MD, FASE – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Hesham Abdo Naeim, MD, FASE – Madina, Saudi Arabia
Ahmad Salehi Omran, MD, FASE – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Tahlil Warsame, BS, RDCS, RCCS, FASE – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hsuang-Hung Chuang, MRCP,  FASE – Singapore
Nadira Hamid, MD, FASE – Singapore
Kian-Keong Poh, MBBChir, FASE – Singapore
Wen Ruan, MD, FASE – Singapore
Anders Olof Sahlem, MD, FASE – Singapore
Khim Leng Tong, MD, FASE – Singapore
Chun Pong Wong, MD, CCRP, FASE – Singapore
Go Yun Yun, MD, FASE – Singapore

Liv Hatle, MD, FASE – Calonge, Girona, Spain
Jose Zamorano, MD, FASE – Madrid, Spain

South Korea
Namsik Chung, MD, FASE – Seoul, Republic of Korea
Dae-Won Sohn MD, FASE – Seoul, Republic Of Korea

Samir Saha, MD, PhD, FASE – Sundsvall, Sweden
Ashwin Venkateshvaran, PhD, RCS, RDCS, FASE – Stockholm, Sweden

Gabor Erdoes, MD, DESA, FASE – Bern, Switzerland
Jens Fassl, MD –  Riehen, Switzerland


Nithima Ratanasit, MD, FASE – Nonthaburi, Thailand
Angela Sullivan, RCS, CCT, FASE – Chonburi, Thailand

Sibel Enar, MD, FASE – Istanbul, Turkey

United Arab Emirates
Sabreen Ahmed, RCS, FASE – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Mohammed Ersan Khalil, MD, FASE – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Fadia Makarem, RT, RCS, FASE – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Nirmala Padmanaban, RCS, FASE – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Hosam Zaky, MD, FASE – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom
Hatem  Soliman Aboumarie, FASE – London, United Kingdom
Waleed Arshad, MD, FASE – St. Albans, United Kingdom
Rekha Dave, FASE – Norbury, United Kingdom
Julia Grapsa, MD, PhD, FASE – London, United Kingdom
Navazh Jalaludeen, BS (Hons), MSc, FASE – Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Amar Keiralla, MD, FASE – Oxford, United Kingdom
Faisal Khan, MSCT, FASE – London, United Kingdom
Tat Koh, MD, FASE – London, United Kingdom
Willis Lam, MD, FASE – London, United Kingdom
Rui Miguel Da Silva Mota, RDCS(FE,PE,AD), ACS, RCCS, RCS, FASE – London, United Kingdom
Alexander Ng, MD, FASE – Birmingham, United Kingdom
Christine Ngukhoon Tan, MBBS, FASE – Cardiff, United Kingdom
Siva Ratnatheepan, BSc, MSc, BSE, FASE – Surrey, United Kingdom
Kelly Victor, FASE – Surrey, United Kingdom
Catherine West, BS, FASE – London, United Kingdom

Roberto Canessa, MD, FASE – Montevideo, Uruguay

Harry Acquatella, MD, FASE – San Bernardino, Caracas Venezuela

Pham Gia Khai, MD, PhD, FASE – Hanoi, Vietnam

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